My name is Jóel K. Hrafnsson, born and native to Akureyri, North Iceland, spending the larger portion of my life in Reykjavík, where I currently reside. As far as I can remember I have been drawn to the arts, the mystical and the occult, and most of my influence is derived from insight and exploration thereof. Pretty early on I also fell hopelessly in love with comics and comic art, which has had, and still has, a tremendous impact on my work. I am quite inspired by illustrative art, ink work and watercolor paintings; not any specific movement or style in particular, however I am very charmed by the idealism of the symbolist movement for example. Art and creative work is to me for the most part an exploration as well as enshrining the possibilities of forms which presence potential transformative forces.

I mostly work with ink and watercolors, being very captivated by the level of detail, crispness and the “eye-catching” quality it has to it. I have delved in acrylic painting too, but this is at an purely experimental  level to me. I have written and drawn comics / graphic novels, in which I employed a particular process including digital coloring. The techniques of drawing comics still in many ways provide the bare bones and foundations of most of my other visual art subjects.

I am almost entirely self-taught. Although I did take a couple of semesters at the Akureyri School of Visual Arts as well as a couple more at the Reykjavík School of Visual Arts, I (perhaps arrogantly) give much more credit to personal exploration, experience, practice and refinement of perception than to those studies, I having given up on education in those years, owing to personal seeking and marginal vagabonding of the defiant, rebellious young me.

I have existed mostly on the fringe of the cosmos, but I did exhibit my works once at a local coffee shop when I was 14, which was fun. The recent years have been spent mostly refining techniques, learning and developing a focused method to best manifest my visions, as well as the creation of two separate Tarot decks and two indie comic series and other current works in progress. I must give enormous thanks to my wife, who has supported me patiently through it all and with her pragmatic wisdom graciously given her honest views and advice, without which I would be utterly lost.

I also have active various music projects, the dark esoteric / ambient ‘Solar Night’ and the Hardcore Techno / Electronic project ‘NAOS’, which has been released in Belgium, United States and Germany. Those works can be heard here: (

I aim for my work to bring vital currents, joy, freedom, potency, life-affirmation, wonder, magic and terror to all.

Artist member of the dark art movement
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